Romantic Honeymoons

Romantic things to do for your sweetheart on your honeymoon

August 27, 2011


A honeymoon is much looked forward to as much as the wedding. It is the best time and a memorable experience for couples who cherish each other’s company and gear up for their responsibilities as husband and wife. It is a great chance to build up a bond with your life partner. Every moment of honeymoon must be filled with love and romance, so that it becomes a life-long memory that can be cherished.

It is mostly seen that the first few days of the honeymoon are full of excitement, but it slows down as the days pass. If you take few special efforts, you can make your whole honeymoon an unforgettable sweet experience.

Here are a few tips to ignite that excitement in your honeymoon and think things to make your partner happy:

1. Enjoy the beauty of sunset and sunrise:

In our busy lives, we forget to appreciate nature. Now is the time to enjoy the beauty of nature. It will also help you to come closer to your spouse. Sit in the balcony of the hotel room or walk on the sandy beach and enjoy the beautiful sun. It would be an amazing start for your honeymoon. The slow waves and light breeze on the beach will make your moment special.

2. Give cute gifts to your sweetheart:

Not only girls, even men love surprise gifts. Plan beforehand and carry little gifts for your partner. Give a gift everyday and make each day of your honeymoon special. The gifts can be anything that your partner will love to receive. You can give a romantic book, his/her favorite movie CD or DVD, flowers, love cards, a bottle of great wine, perfume or anything that can bring both of you closer.

3. Arrange a romantic dinner:

Some hotels have the provision for couple dinners. Ask them if they can arrange one for you. You can enjoy a nice dinner on the deck and watch the waves of the sea. It will be a great time for bonding. You can also pack some dinner for yourself and enjoy eating alone on the beach near the sea.

4. Enjoy a shower together:

Taking a shower together can be very refreshing and nice. You can be little playful and enjoy the moment. These moments will not return, so fulfill all your wishes and make your partner feel special. After a long day of sightseeing, a shower together can be very relaxing.

5. Give a massage:

Nothing can be more romantic than a good massage. Not only will it help you to relax, but also help you to show the love for each other. Show your beloved how much you care. Talk to each other about your feelings. This will also help you to rest after the hectic wedding. Take special care to choose the massage oil. Aromatherapy oils smell good and have different health benefits.

6. Romantic breakfast in bed:

Forget visiting outdoors and enjoy in bed with your sweetheart. Get up and prepare some light breakfast. You can also plan for a movie in the room. Cuddle up, eat, watch a movie and enjoy.

7. Leave secret love notes:

Write sweet things about your partner in beautiful decorated paper and leave it for him while he is not watching. You can also leave a flower with it. It will be a great surprise and bring a smile on the face.

8. Talk to each other:

Talking and exchanging views is a great way of bonding with each other. Stay away from computers and mobile phones and spare time just for your partner. Talk about anything like past experiences, your childhood, likes and dislikes, hobbies and love. This will help you to know your partner better and it will be a great start for a happy married life.

9. Dance together:

You may not be a great dancer and you also need not visit a nightclub for this. Just put a nice romantic song and have a romantic dance. It will be an enjoyable moment and will fill your honeymoon with fun.

10. Dress up for each other:

Put on a nice dress that is your partner’s favorite. This will show how much you care. Your partner will surely love you all dressed up and fall in love with you all over again.

11. Jacuzzi:

Most of the honeymoon rooms have bathtub or Jacuzzi. Plan a nice bubble bath together. You can also decorate the room with scented candles and flowers. A nice scented and warm bath will be very romantic and relaxing.

12. Buy special clothes for your honeymoon:

Make special preparations for your honeymoon. Buy nice dresses for yourself. This will make you look attractive and beautiful. Your partner will appreciate your efforts and will love to see you in nice clothes. It will increase the love for you in your partner’s heart and will be a great time to remember for the rest of your life.

13. Read Poems:

Even if you are not very fond of writing something, try memorizing few beautiful lines of love poems. Recite them for your partner. It will be a sweet way to show your feelings in the form of poetry. This will surely increase the romance in your relation.

14. Be a child:

Behave like a child. There is no harm in it. Both you and your sweetheart indulge in pillow fights. It will be great fun and you can enjoy your childhood moments once again. Try something naughty, laugh together and enjoy each day of your honeymoon.

Honeymoon is the beginning of a new life with your partner. Take maximum advantage of it and don’t let anything spoil it. Take back home loving and fond memories of your togetherness.

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