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Plan your romantic Paris honeymoon with us

December 22, 2011

Plan your romantic Paris honeymoon with us

Paris, the city of light, love and life, is considered to be the most preferred place on earth for honeymoon. It is said that romance is in the air in this city and honeymooners can enjoy real intimate moments in this old city. Paris is renowned for its superb food and wine. The architectural beauty of this city is second to none. But before going on a honeymoon to Paris you need to plan it in advance in order to avoid disappointment and enjoy your stay in this majestic city to the fullest. Below listed is a guide to help you plan your honeymoon in Paris.

1. Decide your time of visit

If you are interested in going for honeymoon just after the wedding, you should know that Paris is different in every season and you may find it tough to book rooms here. During some important events like Paris Fashion Week, the French Open and the Paris Jazz Festival, it may become difficult for you to book rooms . Most of the high end hotels of Paris remain occupied during these events, so it is advisable that you should choose your dates well in advance.

2. Book a hotel

Paris boasts of thousands of hotels of all kinds from highly luxurious to budgeted ones. It is up to you to spend your honeymoon in what kind of hotel. The city has a highly efficient Metro service. The hotels in Paris are not cheap and advance planning is very necessary to avoid any trouble, once you arrive here. You can search websites of different travel agencies to get a better idea of the hotel prices in Paris.

3. Book a flight

After choosing your dates, do not waste and book your to and fro flights as soon as possible. Paris has two international airports, Charles de Gaulle and Orly. Both airports are located around 30km away from central Paris. Many airlines offer daily flights to this city but if you are on a honeymoon trip, try to book your flight in Open Skies. This all-business-class airline flies from New York and Washington to Orly and it offer high class services.

4. Make up your mind to enjoy some quality time in Paris

Paris has always remained one of the favorite cities for romantic film makers. Before embarking on your trip, watch at least 10 romantic movies set in Paris to know more about the charm of this lovely city. You can also subscribe to some newsletters devoted to Paris to know more about this city. Subscribe to Paris Travel newsletter which is a free weekly e-newsletter to increase your knowledge.

5. Try to learn a little French

Before boarding your flight to Paris, try to learn a little French as it will help you and your better half during your stay in the city. You can learn French online for free by accessing an e-course named Free French Resources Travel French.

6. Double check your wardrobe

Paris is the home to several renowned fashion designers including Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Yves St. Laurent. People in Paris are famous for their brilliant dressing sense and stylish looks. Try to avoid wearing outwears like cargo pants, shorts, T-shirts and sneakers here, otherwise you will be identified as a tourist. Pack your bag with items in subdued colors and do not forget to carry a jaunty scarf.

7. Plan your expeditions

One of the most important part of planning your trip to Paris is that you should know the places where you want to visit while you’re in Paris. This city has several beautiful historical and modern places where you should visit during your trip. It is advisable that you schedule your trip in advance so that you do not miss out on any beautiful spot.

8. Make arrangement for airport transportation

Book your airport pick-up in advance using internet. The taxi service in Paris is very good and you can even book a professional driver for a reasonable price. The driver will help you reach the hotel which you have booked in advance quite comfortably.

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