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Which would be the best place for romantic vacation?

My girlfriend and me are planning to go out for a vacation some where. But we are not able decide where we should go for vacations. My girlfriend has told to plan vacation to some place which should be the most romantic place she has ever been to. So guys please help me with some places where I can take my girl for romantic vacations. Really looking forward to your replies. Thanks.

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  1. Saifudheen MS says:

    Finding a place to enjoy your romantic vacation will be facing some difficulties as you need the perfect place to visit. Also you want to make it memorable for ever. There are many places which will make your romantic vacation a sweet one. New York is a great place to see many adventurous things and we will fall in love with the place while enjoying things with your lover. Also there are many romantic restaurants which will add a little bit sugar to your love. North eastern corner of United States is another must see destinations for romantic people. You will be enjoying the beauty of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut sharing loving moments to your lover. New England is famous for romantic vacations and even couples are coming to enjoy their vacation. Also there are theaters and arts plays that you can enjoy watching with your girl friend. Vermont is enriched with natural beauty and most of the romantic people come enjoy sitting in beautiful surroundings to make the moments sharing of love little more cherishing. You can have a little walk with your girl friend enjoying the natural beauty of Vermont in New England.

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