Honeymoon Planning

How to pack for a stress-free honeymoon vacation

September 7, 2011


Post marriage, honeymoon is the time when you can know your partner as a whole. The moment we come across the word “Honeymoon”, we start thinking about the candlelit dinners, sexy bathing suits and the beautiful beaches. Stress shouldn’t hit your mood at any point of time. Getting started with the preparations for a romantic honeymoon trip is not really tough. To reduce the stress level, plan out what all things are necessary to be packed.

1. First of all, note down the regulations of the airlines for baggage. You need to see that how many carry-on bags and checked bags a person is allowed to carry. Do remember to check if there is any size restriction for carry-on bags.

2. Then, check if you are required to purchase a new luggage. If yes, then consider the size, extra pockets, weight while it is empty and the quality of the bag. See if it is used for short or long trips.

3. Each one of you should have at least one bag that contains your clothes and personal toiletries.

4. If required, purchase the luggage tags that clearly state name, vacation address, home address and the phone number too just in the case if your bag is lost. Purchase a bag that is strong enough to carry heavy luggage. It should be ever-lasting.

5. Just start jotting down the things you need before a few days of your honeymoon. Keep adding the things to your wish-list if you think that those items are necessary. Make it sure that you check the things at the time of packing. Cross check by striking them off from the list.

6. Before leaving for the much awaited honeymoon trip, do a laundry trip so that you can decide the dresses that you want to take with you. Pack those outfits in the week your honeymoon is planned. If any of your dresses are needed to be dry-cleaned, give them to the nearby dry-cleaners at the earliest. Keep the dress in plastic bags to avoid the wrinkles.

7. Do not fold your garments; instead roll them to keep them wrinkle-free. This will also let you have some extra space.

8. When you go on long trips, you need even more things that are to be carried. So in order to utilize the space efficiently and wisely, keep the socks and underwear inside your shoes and in the handbags. Be a little logical because that will help you to consume a lot of space.

9. Think about the items of your need and keep them in the carry-on luggage. Make it sure that you carry a bag which is full of clothes, prescription medications, bathing suit, sunscreen and sunglasses. These small things are really necessary to carry so that your honeymoon isn’t ruined.

10. Always remember that you pack lighter items on the top and heavier items at the bottom. If the bad contains heavy items such as books, shoes or anything else, ship them to your final destination before you reach.

11. In case you are carrying any liquid item like vanilla body lotion or something of the same kind, pack them two times because this small lotion can ruin your mood completely if it gets spread on your clothes.

12. Get a photocopy of all the credit cards that you are planning to carry on your honeymoon because if the card is somehow lost or stolen, you can represent the photocopy of your credit card. Leave a copy of the same with a person whom you trust the most, it could be your friend or any other family member. Give the phone numbers of the hotel where you are planning to make a visit.

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