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Money friendly honeymoon ideas for couples on a budget

August 27, 2011

Honeymoon Registry

If wedding is enthralling experience, then honeymoon is an enchanting euphoria. It’s the time where couples bask in the joys of knowing each other. But today more and more couples have budgetary issues, from paying for wedding to setting up their households and planning honeymoon. Soon couples get caught up within these issues and a honeymoon simply becomes a distant reality. But not anymore! If you are a person who wishes to build a lifetime connection with your partner without paying a fortune, then we bring you ten great ideas that are not only light on pocket but also romantic:

1. Honeymoon as wedding gift

Similar to wedding registry (where engaged couples log their gifts preferences for friends and relatives), honeymoon registry allows couples to decide their honeymoon preferences and allows wedding guests to purchase honeymoon activities like airfare, cruise tickets, private dinner, lodging etc. This can reduce the cost of your honeymoon considerably (or cover the entire cost). Guests could pool in money or pay a part of trip. So if you aren’t too enthusiastic about getting China dishes as a wedding present, then ask for a trip to China.

2. Exchanging homes

Living in a resort can be expensive. So, in case you want to cut the cost and mix with locals then you can exchange your place (home, yacht, RV) with their homes. Thousands of people have swapped their homes in last few decades and the reports of theft and/or property damage are rare. But before home exchange, don’t forget to build a trusting relationship with the swapping couple by exchanging lots of photos, emails and videos prior to the swap.

3. Hospitable welcome

If exchanging homes sounds an impractical idea, then rely on hospitable clubs. These clubs consists of locals who willingly open their doors to honeymoon couples for free or low cost. It is a money saver option but you might have to compromise with privacy.

4. A free honeymoon

Every now and then, several travel agencies try to promote themselves through free honeymoon packages. So, if you feel lucky, then try your luck here. Although the chances of winning are remote, but who knows, you might win a free trip to the other end of the world.

Free honeymoon trip!

5. Tents and camps

Snuggle with your partner underneath the stars and enjoy the eternal beauty of nature. Camping is not only fun but romantic too. And it is pretty cheap and affordable. But remember to take you waterproof tents, sleeping bags and other necessities along.


6. Hostels

Yes, hostels were considered dirty and dark earlier, but now they have an all new dimension. Hostels can provide you cheap but high quality stay with varied options. You can always look for the one with private cabins if you think the dormitory won’t be so private.

7. Off-season travel

Travelling off season is certainly an affordable option. At several places, airfare prices are slashed by 30 percent during off season. Moreover, one doesn’t have to deal with season rush during off season honeymoon.

Off season honeymoon

8. Cheap Airlines

Do a lot of homework, surf several sites and search for lowest airfare. This can cut a substantial amount of your expenses on honeymoon. Don’t forget to be a little flexible on arrival/departure dates and airlines you opt for.

9. Last-minute honeymoon

Several airlines, cruise offer discounted rates at last minute to fill occupant seats as they prefer travelling to full capacity. So why to sit and draw plans months before, when you can have one at last minute.

10. Know more

Know more about currency fluctuations, economic crises and other factors that can reduce key prices of a destination. Once the price falls, then pack your bags and head for a lovely honeymoon.

So, have a honeymoon that fit your budget and build memories that last forever.

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