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5 Romantic honeymoon getaways in Jamaica

October 24, 2011

Honeymoon getaways

Jamaica is a place that was created by the almighty to fulfill every need and wishes of people in live. It is the home to most gorgeous and exotic islands, amazing water sports and best seafood eateries in the world. At Jamaica, one of the largest islands in Caribbean, couples can have an exciting time experiencing the allure of island adventure like never before. This island has topographical features that are very diverse. What could be better than exploring your love while exploring spectacular rivers, waterfalls, caves, bays, mountains, woodlands, forest and diverse cultural influences firsthand? If you fantasize making love by the sea or amidst the lap of nature, then nothing can be more perfect and alluring than Jamaica. Here we have for you our favorite five for a fabulous Jamaican honeymoon. Check them out!

1. Negril


Nothing can be more enthralling than a honeymoon in Negril, popularly known as dispersed beach resort town with its 7-mile beach coastline. Enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling with your soul mate and explore the wonders of nature together. Negril offers a comfortable stay wherever you go as it has beautiful hotels and resorts along the beaches as well as cliffs. Enjoy royal service while lying on the sand, gazing at the stars with your beloved one in your arms. The succulent seafood specialties of Negril will leave you asking for more. The best thing about the beaches in Negril is the crystal clear, bluish sea water and powdery white sand as if in heaven. Truly, Negril is a destination of romance while enjoying endless niches.

2. Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Blue Hole Mineral Spring is a small tucked-away spring which is located on Caribbean island of Jamaica in the vicinity of Negril. This spring is one of the most popular destinations worth a drive. To ensure your comfort, there are several resorts nestled around this natural wonder. All you have to pay is $7 to access the spring and enjoy the rejuvenating mineral water that has great healing powers. There are guides who take you through this cavernous opening completely encased in Karst limestone. Blue Hole Mineral Spring is a perfect place to romance 40 feet down into the earth.

3. Mayfield Falls

Mayfield Falls

Wading through rapid waters, bathing under stupendous waterfalls amidst exotic tropical flowers and species with your lover makes Mayfield Falls the ideal honeymoon destination. Mayfield is known for its indigenous wildlife and prettiest scenery one can think of. Situated in the laps of tropical Jamaica rainforest, Mayfield has two beautiful waterfalls, twenty-one natural pools and distinctive flora and fauna. Enjoy water adventure sports at a whole range of amazing dive sites like diving, swimming as well as Jacuzzi types massages to get pampered.

4. Montego Bay

Montego Bay

Montego Bay, popularly known as the tourist capital of Jamaica is a destination for duty free shopping, whole range of exotic beaches and mesmerizing scenery. Montego Bay has one of the two largest international airports on Jamaica. The most popular tourist spot in Montego Bay is Ocho Rios known for rarest water activities and an ideal place to swim along with adorable dolphins. This place has expansive, lavishly outfitted suites each one just a few steps from the beach. Here you can enjoy Jamaica’s delectable dishes, exciting night life and royal hospitality. Montego Bay is a perfect place to dine, to wine and soak up in the sun along with your soul mate.

5. Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

Covered with mist that gives it a bluish color, thus the name, Blue Mountain is the highest ones in Jamaica. This range of mountains that has a width of around 12 miles sprawls over a length of 28 miles laden with lush vegetation and awe-inspiring scenery locations. It just takes a couple of hours to drive from the coastal plains to 7,000 feet above the sea level. To make you comfortable, there is a Gap Café where you can sit and enjoy the delectable Blue Mountain Coffee. The best time to visit the Blue Mountains is during dry seasons as during rainy seasons it just gets flooded with mountains. These mountains are home to 200 species of birds as well as around 500 species of flowering plants. Well these mountains are just perfect place for two people in love to flock together.

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