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5 best honeymoon destinations in the world

August 29, 2011

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When we look for a place for honeymoon, we come across many places referred by many as the land of lovers. Couples look forward to visit the land of enormous love and natural beauty to enjoy the most precious time of their life, i.e. Honeymoon. Whether you are about to get married or are already married, whether it is your first honeymoon or the second, you will love to make it memorable. Thus, the place that you select for your honeymoon is very important. In order to assist you in taking a fruitful decision, we have listed five best honeymoon destinations in the world. These are as follows:

1) Bora Bora

Aerial View of the Bora Bora Island

The top most honeymoon destination in the world today is the Bora Bora. This is because of its serene atmosphere that when coupled with peace and calmness of the place makes it romantic enough for your honeymoon. People believe that if making honeymoon in a crowd were an option, they would have done so in the shopping malls and amusement parks in their vicinity. No one loves to go out for a honeymoon to a place that is crowded and where there is too much interference. Bora Bora is one of the loved places because of its calmness and peace and the aura around is perfect for a memorable honeymoon. It is blessed with sun kissed beaches and luxurious accommodations that make it the most preferred honeymoon destinations in the world.

2) Maldives

Pictorial View of Maldives

The second most preferred honeymoon destination is Maldives. It is also known for its privy and peaceful environment. It has the potential to touch the soul of every lover, who visits this marvelous place. It is famous for the immaculate beauty of its crystal clear waters, which attracts every honeymooner towards it. Some of the famed destinations are the Matira Beach, Maohi Protestant Church and Mount Otemanu, which makes this beautiful island, a must watch. However, the list of places in Maldives doesn’t end here as it has a huge number of other attractions on offer as well.

3) The Caribbean Islands

Eye-catching Caribbean Islands

These islands are one of the most visited honeymoon destinations because of their seclusion and romantic ambiance. You just need to board on a cruise and enjoy the most memorable time of your life. The most valuable advice that can be given to you while on the honeymoon in these islands is to indulge in pure luxurious and amorousness activities during this unique honeymoon. These islands are blessed with people that pride in their enjoying and friendly attitude. They are fond of music and dance, and thus, you cannot be short of entertainment while on this honeymoon.

4) Mauritius

Colorful Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most famed honeymoon destinations in the world. It is blessed with some of the most thrilling beaches that are loved by most of the honeymooners. Some of them include turquoise sea, Pereybere, Blue Bay, and Le Morne & Tamarin. These beaches offer its visitors with an opportunity to play some adventurous games as well. If you and your better half are adventure lovers and if you are thinking of some adventure while on your honeymoon, you are advised to visit this beautiful place for your honeymoon. Apart from these beaches, the accommodations and the dining in this marvelous place are world famous and loved by the honeymooners.

5) Hawaii

Picture of Hawaii

If you are looking for a dream location for your Honeymoon, you are advised to visit Hawaii. Most of the experts recommend it as the most viable honeymoon destination. This is because the scenic beauty of this place mesmerizes its every visitor. Hawaii is blessed with sun-kissed beaches, unique islands, attractive landscapes, alpine meadows, rich rain forests and a huge sea mountain. This makes your honeymoon stay in Hawaii very romantic and thus, many visitors to Hawaii recommend it as a great romantic gateway for your honeymoon.

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