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10 Romantic activities for honeymoon

August 1, 2011

Romantic activities

It is a dream of every couple to have an exceptionally romantic and beautiful loving experience during their honeymoon. You have been just married, and you want it to be perfect. People, who have been to their second honeymoon have expressed that the second honeymoon does not have that magic and excitement of the first two or three weeks you and your new wife or husband had spent spend together. This is why you will want your honeymoon to go right in every aspect. In order to assist you this article will enlighten you on some romantic activities which couples can do together.

1. Dance lessons

One of the most romantic activity is dancing. To make it more romantic you and your love can take dancing lessons together and learning some new style of dance during your honeymoon. This will also help you in mesmerizing your friends and acquaintances in the future parties where you as a couple can dance along .

2. Canal ride

Imagine Venice, with the couples navigating in the gondola relaxing in each other’s arms. This is an experience which is utmost romantic and a life time experience as you glide a canal and see and explore the city. If you can arrange for a private boat this experience will be the best of your life as there will be just the two of you gliding along the canal and enjoying the beautiful scene.

3. Cocktails on the Beach

Couples enjoy romantic stroll on a secluded beach and play in the crystal clear blue water. Another way to enjoy on the beach is to sit alone on the beach and have a cocktail. This is the most romantic during the evening and you should opt for a beach or a resort which is less crowded so you are not baffled by the crowd there.

4. Snorkeling

If you feel adventurous and feel like exploring the ocean paradise, you can do it during your honeymoon. If you have chosen your honeymoon to be on shore or on an island you can go for snorkeling and find out the vibrant sights under water. This experience will prove to be very romantic as you will be taken to the mesmerizing world underneath the sea.

5. Wine tasting

How about going to a place with vineyards? This option will be beneficial in two ways, one the scenery will be stunning and when you taste wine there you’ll be a bit tipsy. These two things will bring a romantic edge to your honeymoon. Apart from this you will also get a taste of local culture.

6. Explore an ancient temple together

Going to a historic place will take you to the past. Ample of honeymoon places are of historic significance and have historical landmarks. You can opt to go to an ancient temple and explore it together. This will provide you several beautiful locations which you can cherish in your honeymoon album. Exploring the remains of ancient temple and civilization is quite romantic

7. Twilight walks along the beach

We know that this is a stereotype. But stereotypes have existed for a reason. During the sun set, a walk on the beach is a romantic activity which couples can do on their honeymoon.

8. Picnic on a private inlet

If your honeymoon destination is an island, you can try to find out if there is a possibility of going for a picnic to a private location. Tahitian islands offer some inlets like these.

9. Swimming in your private pool

Luxury resorts and some elite honeymoon destinations have the facility of a private pool. If you are ready to spend a bit high on your honeymoon this is an amazingly romantic idea. Substitute for this can be your hot tub.

10. Private candle light dinner

A candle light dinner with your spuse is one of the most romantic idea for your honeymoon. If it has been laid out exactly as per your wish then you can enjoy each other’s company.

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