Honeymoon Cruises

10 Reasons to go on cruise for honeymoon

July 28, 2011

Honeymoon cruise

Wedding is over and the next most important thing that the newly-wed couple looks forward to is honeymoon. You may have decided your honeymoon destination during engagement with your partner. Honeymoon actually means to spend quality time together with your partner and collect beautiful memories to cherish for your whole life. This time is the golden time and is never going to come back. Cruises are getting popular among the newly-weds, as there are so many benefits. Lets have a look at these benefits.

1. Everything you need is conveniently available
The most important thing of cruises is that they contain everything which is required. They provide numerous services and amenities that a land bound hotel will provide you. Also the worry to search for a thing you require in a new place also vanishes in a cruise. Hence, the only thing you have to think about is making love with your soul mate.

2. Pleasure of visiting many locations in one trip
As cruises take many stops, you get a chance to experience the fun of visiting many different location in a single trip. As the plan of travel or in itinerary is handed to you, you can plan the things to do and places to visit before hand and enjoy your trip with your partner.

3. Get entertained

Get entertained by night shows organized by these cruises. Entertainment program may include movies at theaters, dance, stand up comedians show, interactive games. These shows entertain the people and help you in getting close to your love.

4. Enjoy drinking
On these cruise you can indulge yourself in drinking, without worrying a second about getting back home in the taxi as in cruise you have to just get back to your room. So you along with your spouse can drink freely!

5. Cruise will do the planning
You will not like to start the planning process as you may be already tired with your wedding plan. You go for your honeymoon to relax and you enjoy it more when there is no mental work. You will just have to select the cruise, when is it scheduled, etc. You can choose indoor or outdoor cruises according to your interest.

6. Fine Dine

What’s a cruise without good food! You can find your partner’s taste and food preferences. Cruises mainly offer a buffet, so that guests can have whatever they prefer and taste a variety of dishes made by famous chefs.

7. Learning new things
You can take up training of some activities of you and your spouse’s interest and understand each other even more. Cruises arrange a variety of training session or classes such as ice skating, gambling, bar tending, dancing, etc. and learn new skills. Or you can learn a skill secretly and then impress your partner showing how well you can gamble or skate etc. He or she will be very impressed!

8. Getting familiar
You can acquaint yourself with other people on the ship or some other newly-wed couple and share your experiences with them. You can also get familiarized with an elderly couple who will share their successful married life experience with you and tell you the secret of keeping the passion alive in your marriage.

9. Get active
Cruises organize something or the other for everyone. So don’t just sit and bore your partner, and indulge yourself in some of the activities organized by the cruise.

10. Just relax
As the cruise provides everything you need you can just sit in your room with your partner the whole day and relax. You need not get out of your room as whatever you need will be provided by just a call. So get lazy and enjoy doing nothing. Whichever cruise you choose to go on, remember you are on your honeymoon and the most important thing than anything else is only your soul mate.

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